Say hello to the Aussie burner.

A symbol for the Aussie burner

By Wick

Australians who have participated in Burning Man or a regional burn event are some of the coolest people I have ever met. These Aussie burner folk are a breed who hold Burning Man's 10 Principles close to their personal mission, and they are everything that is fundamental to being an Australian adventurer, larrikin, and pioneer. Say hello to the Aussie Burner!

Australia is home to a diverse range of burners from radical tribes and regions. They participate in Australian burns such as Burning Seed, Blazing Swan, Modifyre, the "big burn" in Nevada and a growing number of regional burns worldwide.

I love these guys and girls - these Aussie burners - so I made them a thing! Call it a symbol, or just a bumper sticker - the "Aussie Burner" is a design I've made for a bumper sticker project with my mate Jesse.

I met Jesse as a rum-drinking-pirate-burner at Blazing Swan. He asked me to design a sticker to identify Aussie burners whereever they are travelling in Australia and the world. I loved the idea, as I could imagine spotting an Aussie burner sticker on a kombi van parked in Fremantle, on a landruiser driving up the Pacific Highway, a suitcase on the baggage carousel at LAX, or stuck on a Macbook Pro in a Tel Aviv coworking space.

So I designed this Aussie burner symbol, and Jesse has gifted thousands of these suckers as an amazing vinyl-cut sticker. These were meant to be gifted at Burning Seed 2015, which was trajically cancelled due to flooding. Now we have a ship-load of Aussie burner stickers to gift!

If you would like one, it's yours - for freeeee! (While this ship-load lasts)

New #aussieburner sticker for the veedub! Cheers for the swag @bettypirate!

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About the design

Aussie BurnerDistant horizons, dusty plains and vast oceans. The Aussie Burner symbol celebrates the land downunder of infinate beaches, arid expanses and lush rainforests. Aussie burners are spread far and wide, but they come together as one family.

I designed the Aussie Burner symbol as an adaptation of the Burning Man logo - a registered trademark. The Aussie Burner symbol is not associated with nor endorsed by the Burning Man Project, nor the regional burn events in Australia. This sticker was created as a gift for burners - by burners to enjoy! The symbol is available to you to copy, distribute and adapt for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, but please take note of The Burning Man Project's trademark and copyright of the original Burning Man logo.


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"Aussie Burner" created by Wick, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, and is not associated with nor endorsed by the Burning Man Project. "The Ten Principles of Burning Man" created by Larry Harvey, is a registered copyright of Burning Man Project. "Burning Man" is a registered trademark of Decommodification LLC.